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FIFA 11 for Health'for Europe. II: effect on health markers and physical fitness in Danish schoolchildren aged 10–12 years

Body Composition Assessment
Ørntoft C et al.
Used Parameters : SMM, PBF

Publication Year : 2016

Country : Denmark

Journal : British Journal of Sports Medicine

Objectives To evaluate whether a modified 'FIFA 11 for Health'programme for non-communicable diseases had effects on body composition, blood pressure and physical fitness of Danish schoolchildren aged 10–12 years. Design A cluster-randomised controlled study with 7 intervention and 2 control schools. Participants 546 Danish 5th grade municipal schoolchildren allocated to an intervention group (IG; n= 402: 11.1±0.4 (±SD) years, 150.1±7.0 cm, 41.3±8.4 kg) and a control group (CG; n= 144: 11.0±0.5 years, 151.2±7.8 cm …
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