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Effects of different types of exercise on body composition, muscle strength, and IGF‐1 in the elderly with sarcopenic obesity

Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Chen HT et al.
Used Parameters : BW, BMI, SMM, ASM, BFM, PBF, VFA

Publication Year : 2017

Country : Taiwan

Journal : Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Objectives To investigate the influence of resistance training (RT), aerobic training (AT), or combination training (CT) interventions on the body composition, muscle strength performance, and insulin‐like growth factor 1 (IGF‐1) of patients with sarcopenic obesity. Design Randomized controlled trial. Setting Community center and research center. Participants Sixty men and women aged 65–75 with sarcopenic obesity. Intervention Participants were randomly assigned to RT, AT, CT, and control (CON) groups. After training …
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