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Ambient temperature-related exaggerated post-prandial insulin response in a young athlete: a case report and implications for c

Exercise Physiology
Sophie Antoine-Jonville et al.
Used Parameters : PBF

Publication Year : 2017

Country : France

Journal : Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The objective is to present the case of a 21-yr-old athlete observed with non-physiological immediate postprandial insulin response (1162 pmol/l; normal glucose excursion: 6.6 mmol/l), in a warm environment. No suspicion or evidence of any underlying pathology was found in this well-trained Afro-Caribbean male runner. He never reported any hypoglycemic episode. When performing the same protocol performed in a cooler environment (21.0 degreesC vs 30.3 degreesC), only physiological responses were observed. We conclude …
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