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Does high intensity interval training (HIIT) affect strength training performance?

Exercise Physiology
Jaime Della Corte, et al.
Used Parameters : Body Composition

Publication Year : 2019

Country : Brazil

Journal : Archivos de Medicina del Deporte

Objective: To assess the effect of high intensity interval training (HIIT) on the subsequent performance of strength training (ST) in lower limbs. Methods: 10 men (23.4±2.4 years, 78.9±8.0 kg, height 1.78±0.08 m, BMI 24.80±1.16,% G 12.3±2, 5; VO2máx 50.9±3.6 ml/kg/min) were subjected to anthropometric, cardiorespiratory and 10 maximum repetition (10RM) tests. At time 1 (M1) the ST was made up of 3 sets of repetitions until the concentric failure for 100% of 10RM, with intervals of 3 minutes between sets in the exercise leg press …
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