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The effect of low dose marine protein hydrolysates on short-term recovery after high intensity performance cycling: a double-bl

Exercise Physiology
Mjøs et al.
Used Parameters : BMI, SMM, PBF

Publication Year : 2019

Country : Norway

Journal : Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

Knowledge of the effect of marine protein hydrolysate (MPH) supplementation to promote recovery after high intensity performance training is scarce. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of MPH supplementation to whey protein (WP) and carbohydrate (CHO):(CHO-WP-MPH), on short-term recovery following high intensity performance, compared to an isoenergetic and isonitrogenous supplement of WP and CHO:(CHO-WP), in male cyclists. This was a double-blinded crossover study divided into three phases …
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