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Effects of High‐Intensity Resistance Training on Osteopenia and Sarcopenia Parameters in Older Men with Osteosarcopenia—One‐Yea

Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Kemmler et al.
Used Parameters : SMI

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Germany

Journal : Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

Dynamic resistance exercise (DRT) might be the most promising agent for fighting sarcopenia in older people. However, the positive effect of DRT on osteopenia/osteoporosis in men has still to be confirmed. To evaluate the effect of low‐volume/high‐intensity (HIT)‐DRT on bone mineral density (BMD) and skeletal muscle mass index (SMI) in men with osteosarcopenia, we initiated the Franconian Osteopenia and Sarcopenia Trial (FrOST). Forty‐three sedentary community‐dwelling older men (aged 73 to 91 years) with …
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