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GlucoTRIG: a novel tool to determine the nutritional quality of foods and meals in general population

Body Composition Assessment
Thota et al.
Used Parameters : BMI

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Australia

Journal : Lipids in Health and Disease

Background This study aimed to develop a novel criterion, GlucoTRIG, to rank meals for healthiness, that considers both glycaemic (serum insulin) and lipaemic (serum triglycerides) responses. Methods Healthy volunteers (n= 10) were recruited with the aim of deriving a standard GlucoTRIG value for a reference meal. Volunteers consumed the reference meal (2 regular slices of wholemeal bread; 250 mL chocolate flavoured milk; 7 g butter and 11 g peanut butter) comprising of carbohydrate, fat and protein (41, 40 and 16 …
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