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Role of Human Body Composition Analysis and Malnutrition Risk Questionnaire in the Assessment of Nutritional Status of Patients

Kurban et al.
Used Parameters : SMI, FFMI, BFM, PBF, BCM, VFA

Publication Year : 2020

Country : China

Journal : Front. Med

Objective: This study was to investigate the role and necessity of human body composition analysis in assessing the nutritional status of initially diagnosed Crohn's disease (CD) patients. Methods: 47 initially diagnosed CD patients were recruited. The skeletal muscle mass index (SMI), fat-free mass index (FFMI), body fat mass (BFM), body fat percent (BFP), visceral fat area (VFA) and body cell mass (BCM) were determined with Biospace Inbody S10 composition analyzer. Results: In 47 patients with initially diagnosed CD, SMI could …
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