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Extracellular water to total body water ratio in viral liver diseases: A study using bioimpedance analysis

Nishikawa et al.
Used Parameters : ECW/TBW, SMI

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Japan

Journal : Nutritients

Aims: To investigate the relationship between extracellular water to total body water ratio (ECW/TBW) in bioimpedance analysis (BIA) and clinical parameters in hepatitis viruses related to liver diseases. Methods: ECW/TBW was compared in patients with hepatitis B virus (HBV, n= 85) and hepatitis C virus (HCV, n= 440) related liver diseases. We also examined factors linked to mild to severe overhydrated state (ECW/TBW≥ 0.4). Results: The median ECW/TBW in the HCV group was 0.388 (range, 0.365–0.433), while that in the HBV …
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