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Physical activity is favorably associated with arterial stiffness in patients with obesity and elevated metabolic risk

Body Composition Assessment
Königstein et al.
Used Parameters : BMI, BFM, SMM

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Switzerland

Journal : Int J Clin Pract.

Objectives Physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) are relevant modifiers of cardiovascular risk. Their independent effects on arterial stiffness have not been assessed in people with obesity. This study aimed to assess the independent effects of light (LPA) and moderate‐to‐vigorous (MVPA) physical activity and CRF on Pulse wave velocity (PWV). Methods Brachial‐ankle PWV (baPWV) was measured cross‐sectionally in 55 subjects (43.0±13.8 years; 66% women) with moderate cardiovascular risk. Body composition was …
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