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The association between TP53 rs1625895 polymorphism and the risk of sarcopenic obesity in Iranian older adults: a case-control

Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Montazeri-Najababady et al.
Used Parameters : ALM, FFM, SMI, BFM

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Iran

Journal : Research square

Aging and obesity are the two major global health concerns. Sarcopenia, an age-linked disease, wherein a progressive loss of muscle volume, muscle strength, and physical activity occurs. In this study we evaluated the association of TP53 rs1625895 polymorphism with the susceptibility to sarcopenic obesity in Iranian old-age subjects. Total of 176 old individuals (45 sarcopenic and 131 healthy) were recruited in this research and genotyped by PCR–RFLP. BMI, Skeletal Muscle Mass Index, body composition, Handgrip Strength, Gait Speed …
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