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Translation and validation of the Korean version of the Sarcopenia Quality of Life (SarQoL-K®) questionnaire and applicability

Yoo et al.
Used Parameters : ASMI

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Korea

Journal : Quality of Life Research

Purpose The purpose of this paper was to translate and validate into the Korea language and setting the Sarcopenia Quality of Life (SarQoL®) questionnaire. Methods The participants consisted of 450 individuals in Namgaram-2 cohort who were followed up in 2019–2020. The study participants were divided into four groups:(1) SARC-F< 4,(2) SARC-F≥ 4 and robust grip strength,(3) SARC-F≥ 4, low grip strength, robust muscle mass,(4) SARC-F≥ 4, low grip strength, and low muscle mass. To assess construct validity …
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