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Diagnostic performance of body mass index to identify adiposity in women

Body Composition Assessment
Gába A, Přidalová M
Used Parameters : FFM, BFM, PBF

Publication Year : 2015

Country : Czech

Journal : European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Results: Although 40% of women were overfat, the BMI-based obesity prevalence was 21%. In the total sample, BMI had low overall performance, which resulted in a sensitivity of 51.9%(95% confidence interval (CI): 48.7–55.2%) and a specificity of 99.2%(95% CI: 98.7–99.6%). BMI failed to identify overfat women with intermediate BMI ranges. An analysis of the receiver operating characteristic curves of all of the subjects demonstrated that optimal cutoff point corresponded to a BMI value of 26.4 kg/m 2. The diagnostic performance of BMI did not …
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