BWA 2.0

Professional Body Water Analysis


The BWA, a brand that specializes in body water analysis for professionals, so that they can judge by the numbers, provide advanced services to patients, and perform periodical management.

What’s different about the BWA?

Clamp electrode for high


The flexible design of the forceps allows the electrodes to be closely adhered to the wrist and ankle.​ Through this design, it enhances the reproducibility of BWA measurement.

The World’s First 3MHz


BWA applied the world’s first 3MHz frequency which penetrates through our cell membranes even better, and this enabled us to get a more accurate measurement of the intracellular water and total body water.

More than 40 optional

​Research Parameters

Provides over 40 parameter options for various research purposes such as age-specific graph, before and after comparison, water control calculator, and BIVA graph.