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Eight-week training cessation suppresses physiological stress but rapidly impairs health metabolic profiles and aerobic capacit

Exercise Physiology
Liao YH et al.
Used Parameters : %SMM, PBF, WHR

Publication Year : 2016

Country : Taiwan

Journal : PLoS One

Changes in an athlete's physiological and health metabolic profiles after detraining have not been studied in elite Taekwondo (TKD) athletes. To enable a better understanding of these physiological changes to training cessation, this study examined the effects of 8-weeks detraining on the aerobic capacity, body composition, inflammatory status and health metabolic profile in elite TKD athletes. Sixteen elite TKD athletes (age: 21.0±0.8 yrs, BMI: 22.4±3.9 kg/m2; Mean±SD; 11 males and 5 females) participated in this study. Physical …
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