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Male relative muscle strength exceeds females for bench press and back squat

Lifestyle Disease
ER Monteiro et al.
Used Parameters : BW, FFM

Publication Year : 2016

Country : Brazil

Journal : Journal of Exercise Physiology

ABSTRACT Monteiro ER, Brown AF, Bigio L, Palma A, Dos Santos LG, Cavanaugh MT, Behm DG, Correa Neto VG. Male Relative Muscle Strength Exceeds Females for Bench Press and Back Squat. JEPonline 2016; 19 (5): 79-85. The purpose of this study was to examine gender based strength differences during one repetition maximum (1RM) back squat (BS) and chest press (CP) exercises. Fifteen females (age, 25.3±5.3 yrs; height, 164.9±6.8 cm; weight, 64.7±10.0 kg) and 15 males (age, 28.1±5.3 yrs; height, 178.0±6.6 cm; …
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