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Screening for muscle loss in patients established on peritoneal dialysis using bioimpedance

Greenhall GH, Davenport A.
Used Parameters : FFMI

Publication Year : 2016

Country : UK

Journal : European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Results: LBMI was 9.7±1.9 kg/m 2, mean age was 55.3±16.4 years, 53.1% were male, 33.7% were diabetic and 51% were Caucasoid. 98.5% of patients were classified as having sarcopenia based on LBMI cutoffs from NHANES data, whereas 28.8% had moderate and 6.3% severe sarcopenia using a grading correlated with functional disability. Lower muscle mass was associated with increasing co-morbidity (β= 0.34, P= 0.02) and age (β= 0.01, P= 0.006), and negatively with body mass index (β=− 0.23, P< 0.001), log serum creatinine (β …
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