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Postexercise dietary protein ingestion increases whole-body leucine balance in a dose-dependent manner in healthy children

Body Composition Assessment
Volterman KA et al.
Used Parameters : LBM, PBF

Publication Year : 2017

Country : Canada

Journal : Journal of Nutrition

Background: Protein ingestion is important in enhancing whole-body protein balance in children. The effect of discrete bolus protein ingestion on acute postexercise recovery has yet to be determined. Objective: This study determined the effect of increasing doses of ingested protein on postexercise whole-body leucine balance in healthy, active children. Methods: Thirty-five children (26 boys, 9 girls; age range: 9–13 y; weight mean±SD: 44.9±10.6 kg) underwent a 5-d adaptation diet (0.95 g protein⋅ kg− 1⋅ d− 1) before …
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