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Acute changes in blood lipid profiles and metabolic risk factors in collegiate elite taekwondo athletes after short-term de-tra

Exercise Physiology
Yu-Chi Sung et al.
Used Parameters : SMM, Segmental FFM, BFM, VFA

Publication Year : 2017

Country : Taiwan

Journal : Lipids in Health and Disease

This study used a short-term de-training model to mimic the physiological weight changes during the early retirement stage in Taekwondo (TKD) athletes. This study investigates whether the negative changes in body composition, blood lipid profiles, and metabolic biomarkers occur in elite collegiate TKD athletes when experiencing a two-months de-training period. Fourteen collegiate Division Ι elite TKD athletes (age: 21.1±0.2 years, BMI: 22.3±1.1 kg/m2; 10 males and 4 females) participated in this study. The body composition …
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