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Effects of fluid ingestion on brain-derived neurotrophic factor and cognition during exercise in the heat

Exercise Physiology
Hee-Tae Roh et al.
Used Parameters : PBF

Publication Year : 2017

Country : Korea

Journal : Human Kinetics

We investigated the effects of fluid ingestion during exercise in different environments on the serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor and cognition among athletes. Ten collegiate male athletes (soccer, n= 5; rugby, n= 5) were enrolled, and they completed running tests in the following four conditions (60 min each): 1) thermoneutral temperature at 18 C (group 18); 2) high ambient temperature at 32 C without fluid ingestion (group 32); 3) high ambient temperature at 32 C with water ingestion (group 32+ W); and 4) high ambient temperature at …
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