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Chronic Organic Solvent Exposure Changes Visual Tracking in Men and Women

Body Composition Assessment
AR De Oliveira et al.
Used Parameters : BW, TBW, LBM, BFM,, VFA, WHR

Publication Year : 2017

Country : Brazil

Journal : Frontiers in Neuroscience

Organic solvents can change CNS sensory and motor function. Eye-movement analyses can be important tools when investigating the neurotoxic changes that result from chronic organic solvent exposure. The current research measured the eye-movement patterns of men and women with and without histories of chronic organic solvent exposure. A total of 44 volunteers between 18 and 41 years old participated in this study; 22 were men (11 exposed and 11 controls), and 22 were women (11 exposed and 11 controls). Eye movement was …
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