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Body fat mass, lean body mass and associated biomarkers as determinants of bone mineral density in children 6–8 years of age–Th

Body Composition Assessment
S. Soininen et al.
Used Parameters : BW

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Finland

Journal : Bone

Lean body mass (LM) has been positively associated with bone mineral density (BMD) in children and adolescents, but the relationship between body fat mass (FM) and BMD remains controversial. Several biomarkers secreted by adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, or bone may affect bone metabolism and BMD. We investigated the associations of LM, FM, and such biomarkers with BMD in children. We studied a population sample of 472 prepubertal Finnish children (227 girls, 245 boys) aged 6–8 years. We assessed BMD, LM …
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