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Brown adipose tissue density measured by near-infrared time-resolved spectroscopy in Japanese, across a wide age range

Body Composition Assessment
Fuse et al.
Used Parameters : PBF

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Japan

Journal : Journal of Biomedical Optics

F18-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG)–positron emission tomography (PET) along with computed tomography (CT) is a standard method for assessing brown adipose tissue (BAT) activity. We tested the usefulness of near-infrared time-resolved spectroscopy (NIRTRS) as a simple and noninvasive method for evaluating BAT density (BAT-d) by examining the effects of some factors known to influence BAT activity. The total hemoglobin concentration as a parameter of BAT-d was evaluated using NIRTRS in the supraclavicular region in 413 …
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