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Effect of Tai Chi Synergy T1 exercise on autonomic function, metabolism, and physical fitness of healthy individuals

Body Composition Assessment
HC Tai et al
Used Parameters : BW, BMI

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Taiwan

Journal : Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Objectives. Tai Chi synergy T1 exercise is an aerobic exercise derived mainly from Tai Chi exercise. It is also derived from the Eight Trigrams Palms, form and will boxing, mantis boxing, Qigong, and Yoga, with a total of 16 sessions in 63 minutes. In this study, we investigated its effects on autonomic modulation, metabolism, immunity, and physical function in healthy practitioners. Method. We recruited a total of 26 volunteers and 23 control participants. Heart rate variability (HRV), blood pressure, and body mass index (BMI) were …
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