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Randomized controlled trial on efficacy of oligomeric formula (HINE E-GEL®) versus polymeric formula (MEIN®) enteral nutrition

Cancer/ Palliative treatment
Y Ohkura et al.
Used Parameters : BW, BMI, SMM, PBF

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Japan

Journal : Disease of the Esophagus

The efficacy of early enteral nutrition after esophageal cancer surgery has been reported. However, the choice of formula and management of diarrhea are important to achieve the goal of enhanced recovery after surgery. The aim of this study is to assess the frequency of diarrhea/completion rate of enteral nutrition regimen as primary endpoints and the postoperative nutritional status/body composition analysis/operative morbidity as secondary endpoints was compared between the two nutrition groups. Among the 122 patients who …
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