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The Effects of Dietary Manipulations on Ultrasound Assessment of Muscle Size and Quality: A Pilot Study

Philip A. Sapp, Jeremy R. Townsend*, William C. Vantrease, Autumn C. Marshall, Kent D. Johnson
Used Parameters : BW, TBW, ICW, ECW, SMM, PBF

Publication Year : 2018

Country : USA

Journal : Journal of Exerise and Nutrition

Introduction: This pilot study examined the effects of carbohydrate loading (CHO) and oral creatine monohydrate loading (Cr) on ultrasound measurements of the lower limbs. Methods: Twelve recreationally-active males (25.5±6.2 y, 81.5±9.6 kg, 180.9±8.8 cm) completed baseline (BL) bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and muscle ultrasound imaging of the rectus femoris (RF) and the vastus lateralis (VL). Following baseline measurements, participants completed one day of CHO loading (10g CHO/kg), and five days …
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