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Relationship between neurocognitive performance and body composition of men and women exposed to organic solvents

Body Composition Assessment
Oliveira, A. R., Carvalho, T. A., Santos, N. A.
Used Parameters : BW, TBW, FFM, BFM, VFA, WHR

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Brazil

Journal : Trends in Psychology

It was investigate the effect of organic solvents on the neurocognitive performance of men and women with and without chronic exposure to organic solvents and verify correlations between neurocognitive performance and body composition indices. Participants included 14 men and 14 exposed women and 14 men and 14 unexposed women. The Trail Making Test (TMT) A and B, the Rey Complex Figure (RCF; Copy and Memory), sociodemographic questionnaire, and bioimpedance evaluation were used. There was a significant difference …
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