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Biomechanical characterization of swimmers with physical disabilities

Body Composition Assessment
V Junior, A Medeiros, K Jesus, N Garrido, R Corredeira, DJ Daly, RJ Fernandes
Used Parameters : BW

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Portugal

Journal : Motricidade

The evaluation of swimming technique is one of the main aspects to be considered in any training program, with biomechanics being an important source of knowledge. It was our objective to characterize the biomechanical parameters (SL and SF) relating them to the swimming velocity (v) at different intensities and to analyze within each swimming stroke cycle the intra-cyclic velocity variation (IVV) in a group of motor disabled swimmers. Eight disabled male swimmers (25.83±2.93 years old, 72.45±9.26 kg body mass and 1.79±0.11 m …
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