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Effects of 6-Month Walking Program and 12-Month Detraining on Locomotive Syndrome Risk Stages and Brisk Walking Speed in Middle

Exercise Physiology
Osawa, et al
Used Parameters : BFM, Muscle Mass, PBF

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Japan

Journal : Juntendo Medical Journal

Objective: To examine the effects of 6-month walking and 12-month detraining (DT) on locomotive syndrome (LS) risk stages and walking ability in middle-aged and elderly Japanese people. Methods: Six middle-aged and elderly volunteers (3 female, 3 male, age, 65±5 years, mean±SD) participated in our walking program for 6 months. They were instructed to walk three or more times per week. Additionally, two participants performed walking with blood flow restriction once or twice per week. Before (Pre) and after (Post) the …
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