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Isokinetic resistance training combined with eccentric overload improves athletic performance and induces muscle hypertrophy in

Exercise Physiology
O. Horwath et al.
Used Parameters : BW, FFM, Segmental FFM, BFM

Publication Year : 2019

Country : Sweden

Journal : Journal of Science Medicine in Sport

Objectives To determine the combined effects of slow isokinetic resistance training and eccentric overload and compare it to traditional resistance training on strength, power, body composition and muscle hypertrophy in young ice hockey players. Design Experimental, randomized trial. Methods Twenty-two resistance-trained ice hockey players (18±1 year) were assigned to either isokinetic resistance training and eccentric overload (ISO/ECC; n= 11) or traditional resistance training (TRAD; n= 11). Participants underwent supervised …
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