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A decline in lower extremity lean body mass per body weight is characteristic of women with early phase osteoarthritis of the k

Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Yoshitaka Toda, Fumie Toda et al.
Used Parameters : FFM

Publication Year : 2000

Country : Japan

Journal : Journal of Rheumatology

OBJECTIVE: Sarcopenia progresses with aging, but the effect of muscle loss on degenerative joint disorders has not been precisely evaluated. We assessed the distribution of lean body mass (LBM) in middle aged women who had osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee for< 5 years. METHODS: Two hundred thirty-five Japanese women aged 45-69 years, including 117 with knee OA for< 5 years, and 118 age and sex matched healthy controls were studied. Body composition measurements were carried out by segmental bioelectrical impedance …
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