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Leisure-time physical activity and high-risk fat: a longitudinal population-based twin study

Body Composition Assessment
T Leskinen
Used Parameters : FFM, BFM, PBF

Publication Year : 2009

Country : Finland

Journal : International Journal of Obesity

Design: A longitudinal population-based twin study. Subjects: Sixteen middle-aged (50–74 years) same-sex twin pairs (seven monozygotic (MZ), nine dizygotic (DZ)) with long-term discordance for physical activity habits were comprehensively identified from the Finnish Twin Cohort (TWINACTIVE study). Discordance was initially defined in 1975 and the same co-twin remained significantly more active during the 32-year-long follow-up. Main Outcome Measures: Magnetic resonance imaging-assessed visceral, liver and intramuscular fat …
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