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Does peritoneal dialysate affect body composition assessments using multi-frequency bioimpedance in peritoneal dialysis patient

Davenport A
Used Parameters : TBW

Publication Year : 2012

Country : UK

Journal : European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Results: When full, extracellular water (ECW) and the ratio of ECW to total body water (TBW) were greater compared with when empty: 13.9±3.0 l versus 13.4±3.0, and 0.393±0.01 versus 0.391±0.01, P< 0.001, respectively. Segmental ECW/TBW was only different for the trunk, 0.395±0.01 full versus 0.392±0.01 empty, P< 0.0001. Body composition changed with a fall in skeletal muscle mass from 26.1±6.3 to 25.2±6.1 kg, P< 0.001, and a smaller reduction in body fat from 19.3±8.4 to 19.1±8.0 kg, P= 0.0104. Conclusion: MFBIA …
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