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The influence of body weight on the pulmonary oxygen uptake kinetics in pre-pubertal children during moderate-and heavy intensi

Body Composition Assessment
Danielle Lambrick et al.
Used Parameters : FFM, PBF

Publication Year : 2013

Country : New Zealand

Journal : European Journal of Applied Physiology

To assess the influence of obesity on the oxygen uptake (̇ VO _ 2) kinetics of pre-pubertal children during moderate-and heavy intensity treadmill exercise. We hypothesised that obese (OB) children would demonstrate significantly slower ̇ VO _ 2 kinetics than their normal weight (NW) counterparts during moderate-and heavy intensity exercise. 18 OB (9.8±0.5 years; 24.1±2.0 kg m 2) and 19 NW (9.7±0.5 years; 17.6±1.0 kg m 2) children completed a graded-exercise test to volitional exhaustion and two submaximal constant …
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