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Can non-invasive measurements aid clinical assessment of volume in patients with cirrhosis?

Davenport A et al.
Used Parameters : ECW/TBW

Publication Year : 2013

Country : UK

Journal : World Journal of Hepatology

METHODS: Echocardiography and multifrequency bioimpedance analysis measurements and short synacthen tests were made in 20 stable and 25 acutely decompensated patients with cirrhosis. RESULTS: Both groups had similar clinical assessments, cortisol response and total body water (TBW), however the ratio of extracellular water (ECW)/TBW was significantly greater in the trunk (0.420±0.004 vs 0.404±0.005), and limbs (R leg 0.41±0.003 vs 0.398±0.003, P< 0.05, and L leg 0.412±0.003 vs 0.399±0.003) with decompensated …
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