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High versus moderate intensity running exercise to impact cardiometabolic risk factors: the randomized controlled RUSH-study

Lifestyle Disease
Wolfgang Kemmler et al.
Used Parameters : PBF

Publication Year : 2014

Country : Germany

Journal : BioMed Research International

Aerobic exercise positively impacts cardiometabolic risk factors and diseases; however, the most effective exercise training strategies have yet to be identified. To determine the effect of high intensity (interval) training (HI (I) T) versus moderate intensity continuous exercise (MICE) training on cardiometabolic risk factors and cardiorespiratory fitness we conducted a 16-week crossover RCT with partial blinding. Eighty-one healthy untrained middle-aged males were randomly assigned to two study arms:(1) a HI (I) T-group and (2) a sedentary …
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