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Cardiac autonomic dysfunction in young obese males is not associated with disturbances in pituitary-thyroid axis hormones

Al-Trad BA et al.
Used Parameters : PBF, VFA, WHR

Publication Year : 2015

Country : Jordan

Journal : European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences

RESULTS: The levels of TSH, TT4 and TT3 were not significantly different between the groups. The frequency domain HRV parameter reflecting parasympathetic tone (high-frequency normalized units, HFnu) was significantly reduced in OB group. The parameters which reflect sympathetic activation (Heart rate, low-frequency normalized units; LFnu and the LF/HF ratio) were significantly increased in the OB group. HFnu was significantly and negatively correlated with BMI, waist hip ratio and body fat percentage, whereas LFnu and …
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